How to choose the perfect bridesmaid’s dresses

bridesmaid’s dressesbridesmaid’s dresses
bridesmaid’s dressesbridesmaid’s dresses


How to choose the perfect bridesmaid’s dresses

You have said yes to your groom, and yes to the dress. But, once the excitement of choosing your wedding dress is over, you will have to think about your other wedding needs, including the bridesmaid dresses. This can be tricky, as each one of the bridal party will have different body types and will want to feel comfortable on the wedding day. But you also have to think of your theme, such as choosing burgundy bridesmaid dresses for winter or light pink chiffon bridesmaid dresses for spring.

An important tip to remember for bridesmaid dresses is to keep choices balanced so everyone is happy. Ask for their input before you make any final decisions, and be sure that your maid of honour is happy with her dress, as she might prefer to wear something slightly different to the others.

Remember, it is your big day, so do not be swayed by friends who want to wear short dresses to a formal affair, or formal outfits to a beach wedding party. Not sure where to start? Below is some useful advice on how to choose stunning bridesmaid dresses.


Think about a dress which complements your wedding gown

If there is one thing that can distract your wedding guests from appreciating your wedding gown, it is a group of bridesmaids wearing dresses that just don’t fit with the gown. If you are going to be wearing a dress with a lot of lace and beading, you should keep your bridesmaid dresses simple.

Another way to find a dress which complements what you are wearing would be to look at the necklines. For example, for a high neckline wedding dress, a strapless bridesmaid dress is the perfect complementary option. If you are allowing your bridesmaids to choose their own dresses while sticking to one colour or style, be sure to ask for an example swatch and picture of their choice to see if it will complement your gown.


Tie the dresses together with one element

Not sure what you want your besties to wear? You should look at a unifying element to tie the dresses together. You could pick the style of the dress and allow them to choose their own favourite colours, which is especially effective for a springtime wedding. Or you could ask them to choose a dress in the same colour but in different styles.

You could also choose the same flattering hemline for the dresses. This will create a unified look but still allow your bridesmaids to choose a neckline that suits their body. You could also get the dresses made in the same fabric but in colours that complement the skin tone of each bridesmaid, or in an ombre colour scheme. It is important to choose an element that will ensure the whole party will look similar, so as not to create a disorganised look and feel.


Stick to a schedule

If you want to have your wedding day run smoothly, you will need to keep a schedule. And not only does this include choosing flowers and food ahead of time, it means that you will need to choose your own wedding gown before you go bridesmaid dress shopping. This way you will be able to see how their dresses look alongside yours.

By having your wedding gown before you look for the other clothing needed for the wedding party, you can plan perfectly. Think about it like this. Without knowing what your wedding gown looks like, your bridesmaids might choose dresses that completely outshine yours. And while you want them to look their best, it is always embarrassing when the bridal party looks better than the bride. Choose your gown six months before the big day, then work on choosing their dresses.


Buy one size up

It is common practice at wedding dress and bridesmaid dress stores to sell dresses one size up from what women usually wear. This is because altering a larger gown is easier than it is for a smaller gown. And gowns are usually fitted according to the largest measurements so that they fit perfectly even if weight is lost.

If a dress ends up being too small, your bridesmaids might have to order new ones. This can be time-consuming and costly, so be sure to tell them that you would prefer it if they choose a dress that is one to two sizes larger so that it can be altered to fit just right (and make Goldilocks proud). It will also account for any weight gain that might happen before your wedding.  


Most importantly, have fun!

Choosing bridesmaid gowns should never feel like a chore. Pop open a bottle of bubbly and turn it into your own personal fashion show, and let your girls have some fun. Be sure to look for dresses that will complement your wedding gown without outshining it and choose one element to tie the different dresses together. Always stick to your schedule and buy a size up for alterations. Soon, you will have found the perfect dresses to make your big day magical.

bridesmaid’s dresses