Catering for a wedding? Top mistakes to avoid

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Catering for a wedding? Top mistakes to avoid

Weddings can be both stressful and exciting. As a caterer, you are part of someone’s special day, so you will have to ensure that everything food-related runs smoothly. You need to avoid making mistakes that could cause issues to this momentous occasion. But this can be difficult if you are stressed or working in a kitchen that you are not familiar with.

If the bride has asked for a Bar One cake, then you need to find a baking recipe book or PDF with an easy-to-make option for the day. You will have to accommodate all of the bridal party’s needs and wants in order to ensure that the day is a success. Below are some of the top mistakes to avoid when you are catering for a wedding.  


Holding back on snacks

After the ceremony, the wedding guests will likely be hungry. As a caterer, you will have to provide enough snacks or hors-d'oeuvres for everyone to enjoy twice over, at least, so be sure that you do not skimp on the snacks.

If the bride has asked for a sweets table for guests to pick from after the ceremony, look for a dessert recipes PDF to find recipes that are perfect for crowds. Think of quirky options like mini burgers or sliders, doughnut holes, chicken wings and other finger foods. Keep these in good supply, especially if photographs will be taken after the ceremony. Not having enough snacks will mean that both the guests and the happy couple are hungry and unhappy.


Not getting to know the venue

If you are going to be using the venue’s kitchen and not your own equipment, it is vital to know the venue well. You might have been tasked with creating a steak dinner for 60 people but find that the kitchen only has two induction plates… and not much else.

Be sure to ask your client if you can visit the venue at least a month in advance, and then again a week before the wedding. This will allow you ample time to plan your menu based on the kitchen and the layout of the venue. If the meal will be served buffet style, find out where the outlets are in relation to the tables so that your chafing dishes can stay warm throughout the reception. It is important to know the venue as well as possible so that catering for the wedding does not become difficult due to unforeseen issues.


Serving the wrong style of food

The bride might have a dream in mind of what she wants her day to be like, but if you have to serve a five-course meal to a party of 120 guests, the day will not be a success. It is important, as a caterer, to know exactly how many people you will be serving so that you can create a menu with the right style of food.

If the wedding party is under 100 guests, you could offer to create a sumptuous seated menu with dishes such as roast pork belly and pickled beetroot or grilled chicken and a zesty salad. Once the guest list starts to get bigger, you will need to think about offering a buffet menu. This can be equally as exciting, and you can offer dishes such as a rich lamb tagine with dried fruits or a spicy chicken curry with raita and pomegranate seeds. Serving the right style of food is crucial. Wedding guests almost always remember a good meal… but a bad one even more so.


Not thinking about how the food looks

Having delicious food is important at a special event, but it is also important to pay attention to how the food looks when you plate it. How a dish is presented will have a huge impact on how it is received by the guests, so be sure to put your best foot forward when it comes to presentation.

Now, this does not mean that you have to create culinary masterpieces, simply that the canapes, meals and desserts are tastefully decorated. For example, the Bar One cake that the bride asks for should be decorated to suit the theme and the desserts on the dessert table should be enticing and make guests want to eat them. Savoury meals should not be forgotten either. If you are serving a plated meal, be sure to decorate the dish with unique edible garnishes. A buffet does not have to be simple, spruce it up with some edible flowers or herbs.


A special day calls for special service

As a caterer, you often have to provide stellar service at special events. And a wedding is no exception to this rule. You will need to avoid skimping on snacks for after-ceremony celebrations and ensure that you know the venue like the back of your hand. Be sure to serve the right kind of food for the event and always ensure that your food looks as good as it tastes.

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