What to expect from a road trip through the Northern Cape

road trip - Northern Caperoad trip - Northern Cape
road trip - Northern Caperoad trip - Northern Cape


What to expect from a road trip through the Northern Cape

Roadtripping inspires a feeling of nostalgia and excitement. At one point in our lives, we have all driven across country with friends or family to see the sights of a new town and experience the culture of a different province. But it can also be a stressful experience if you are not sure what to expect when travelling to a new place.

You can book a room at one of the many luxurious guesthouses in the Northern Cape, such as Country Hotels in Kathu and make your way down to this gorgeous desert oasis to experience some truly unique scenery. Below are some tips on what to expect from a road trip through the Northern Cape to make your adventure an exciting and easy one.


There are plenty of roadside stalls

One of the quirkiest aspects of driving through the Northern Cape is that there are plenty of roadside stalls or “padstalle” to choose from for stop-offs during your journey. This is helpful because it is a long and straight stretch of road, and as a driver, you will need places to stop-off at and stretch your legs.

Look out for padstal landmarks, such as The Pink Padstal in Kakamas and the popular Akkerblom where there are deliciously sweet dates on offer for an affordable price. Be sure to bring along a camera or make sure your cell phone is charged as there is an abundance of photographic opportunities to be had at these roadside stalls.


It will be hot

This is one of the most important things to know about a road trip through the Northern Cape. It has some of the driest weather of the province, which can make road tripping with a large family somewhat unpleasant. But if you prepare ahead of time, you will be able to enjoy it without being too badly affected by the heat.

Once you check in to your room at Country Hotels, you will be able to turn on the air conditioner and enjoy the luxury of the hotel. But before you arrive, you will need to prepare yourself and your car for the weather. Be sure to pack a cooler bag in an easy-to-reach place and fill it with bottled water for drinking along the way. You can also pack ice packs for your family to hold on their faces to cool down in the hot weather.


There are quirky landmarks

The Northern Cape is not as well-explored by tourists but it does have a diverse variety of quirky landmarks for you to explore. There are the unique bookstores in Richmond for those who enjoy trawling through shelves of books, and for those who enjoy exploring the outdoors, there are the gorgeous camel thorn trees in Kathu.

Another landmark to look out for is the Calvinia Post Box, the largest post box in South Africa, as well as the historical Moffat Mission Station in Kuruman. Staying at the rooms in Country Hotels in Kathu will give you a central location to many of these landmarks, making it easy for you to visit those you might have missed on your road trip. The Northern Cape is full of rich history and culture, which means that it has a plethora of weird and wonderful landmarks to see.


It is more than just a desert

More often than not when we think of the Northern Cape, we think of a dry and arid region. But you will be surprised to see that there are bodies of water and even hidden beaches in the region that you can explore while driving through it.

There is the Orange River, where many people choose to canoe down in order to explore the Richtersveld National Park. The hidden beaches include Hondeklipbaai and Port Nolloth, both of which are home to small fishing villages where you can  spend time exploring and taking in the sights. You will also find the Augrabies Falls National Park which is home to the Augrabies Falls, a swirling cascade of water that makes for gorgeous photographs. The Northern Cape is not just an arid desert but a province that has pockets of oases for those hot days.


The towns are spaced far apart

This is an important fact to note about the Northern Cape, especially if you are going to be driving through it. Many of the towns are spaced far apart, with some being an hour to two hours apart from each other.

If you are staying at the Country Hotels in Kathu then you will be in close proximity to the towns of Kuruman, Olifantshoek and Potmasburg, all of which have places of interest to visit. You will need to time your stop-offs during your road trip so that you are not too tired to drive, so be sure to map out your route both on a cell phone and a physical map so you do not get lost.

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road trip - Northern Cape