Admin you’ll need to sort out after the wedding

wedding adminwedding admin
wedding adminwedding admin


Admin you’ll need to sort out after the wedding

First comes the wedding. Then, immediately afterwards with almost no warning, comes the marriage. And the marriage requires a few admin tasks from newlyweds. Your marriage isn’t only about loving each other for the rest of your lives. You’ll still have to deal with everything life throws at you from family to work and everything in between. But, the difference will be that you have a life partner to go through it with you.

Before you can get into the swing of things, you need to sort out some wedding and some marriage-related admin tasks. The marriage ones being more important and life-altering, of course.



Okay, to completely move past the post-wedding admin, you’ll need to do the following:

  • Finalise outstanding vendor payments.
  • Arrange to store or preserve the wedding dress.
  • Return all hired items.
  • Manage your wedding gifts by selling any double or unwanted gifts, as well as send out thank you cards.
  • Enjoy your wedding album.

Now we can move on to the, more pressing, marriage-related admin.



You and your partner will need to discuss what your financial moves are going to be. Will you keep your individual accounts and open a joint savings account? Or combine all your finances and work from one account? Will you be moving to the same financial service provider? And what will your investment and retirement saving moves be?

You need to start thinking as a unit and finances are one of the best places to start because it’s one of the most important aspects that rule all of our lives. When you have your financial discussions, are honest about any debt and are able to create some sort of budgeting plan, you’ll be saving your foetus of a marriage from financial stress. Which just so happens to be a leading factor in divorce cases.



The next item to tick off the checklist will be your insurance matters. You’ll need to look at your current insurance plans (if either of you has any) and see what the options are to add your spouse. Decide which insurance options will make the most financial and coverage sense.

Health and life insurance are top priority when you get married and even more so when you start thinking about having children. African Unity Insurance can offer you both life and health insurance plans. They can even assist you with investment options and travel insurance for when you and your spouse decide to go on a second honeymoon.

When it comes to insurance, it’s important to feel comfortable, covered and cared for by your insurer and you shouldn’t settle for anything less. African Unity Insurance has been described and praised for their ability to put the client first and make you feel like a partner as opposed to just a case number. So, if you were wondering where you could start browsing for insurance, you may want to start there.

Medical aid

Then we have the medical aid situation. You and your partner need to look at current medical aid schemes (similar to the insurance scenario) and find out what will be the most affordable options for sufficient coverage.

Consider you or your partner’s company and whether they offer a medical aid scheme that you (or they) can be added to or not. This might make it more affordable, but you may want to buy additional coverage as well. If not, look into the different types of medical aid schemes, compare the prices with your budget and take it from there.


Changing your name and details

Oh, name changing… the “fun” part. If you do choose to take your partner’s name, there is a long list of things you need to sort out for that on its own. First of all, you’ll need to legally change it. That means visiting Home Affairs with the necessary documents (especially your marriage certificate) and a whole lot of patience.

You’ll be paying and lining up for a new smart ID and passport which you will use (once received) to change your driver’s licence and pretty much everything else in your life. The details of your bank accounts, insurance and medical aid, employment, voting registration, tax, email address and social media accounts. Those are the important ones, at least.

And if you’re moving in with your spouse (which is obvious unless you were living together before the wedding), you’ll need to update your registered address with many of these institutions as well.

But don’t let these admin tasks keep you from enjoying the just-married glow. It’s the right way to start an amazing life together. The sooner you sort it all out after the wedding, the sooner you can relax and focus on living the married life with your partner.

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