Don’t forget the smaller accessories for your wedding day

accessories - wedding dayaccessories - wedding day
accessories - wedding dayaccessories - wedding day

Don’t forget the smaller accessories for your wedding day

In the rush of it all – the engagement, the ring, the wedding planning, the wedding party – it becomes extremely easy to miss some of the supposedly obvious accessories. As time creeps closer to the wedding date, you focus on triple-checking the arrangements of the larger things and the smaller details are lost in the wind.

You don’t want to only realise, a few days before the wedding, that you’re missing the majority of your outfit and the little ceremony details. Start thinking about them now already and give yourself enough time to get absolutely everything together before the big day. Holding onto stress a week before the wedding won’t be good for your health, your skin, your sleeping patterns or your patience with your partner. So, rather put together a checklist and plan ahead.


Wedding shoes

There are so many shoe shops in Cape Town where you can find your wedding shoes. An easier task for men than women as there are fewer options out there for men. Women also need to take into consideration the length of their wedding dress and how high their heels should be to keep that length.

And while choosing a pair of wedding shoes may not seem like such an important decision because no-one’s going to see them, right? People definitely will see them in the reliable wedding shoe photograph as well as when you take them off to start dancing the night away with your spouse.

Wedding shoes, unlike your wedding gown, are something you can wear again throughout your lifetime. So, spoil yourself for your special day and buy beautiful shoes that will last. Think of it as a sentimental symbol of your marriage to get over the possibly ridiculous price if you need to. What are you waiting for? You needed to find a shoe store in Cape Town, like, yesterday already.


Necessary jewellery

Depending on what your wedding dress looks like, you may not need so many pieces of jewellery on your body. if, for example, you are a bride with a variety of ear piercings, you'll need to decide if you’ll wear earrings in all your holes (and buy wedding-appropriate earrings for each of them) or take out the extras and just have the standard first and second earrings. Obviously, it’s personal preference, but not many brides think about it until their hair has been done and their ears are showing to the world with earrings they’d rather have replaced with something daintier.

Regardless of how many earrings you have, if you’re going to wear earrings, you also need to consider your hairstyle and whether simple studs (diamonds or pearls) will be visible or if you’ll need chandelier earrings to stand out.

Other jewellery considerations include necklaces which may be dependable on the neckline of the dress, possibly a bracelet and a hairpiece. A good idea, when choosing jewellery is to bring in your elements of something old or something borrowed. A piece of jewellery from your mother, mother-in-law-to-be or your grandmother. Just be sure any jewellery you wear complements the details on your dress.  


Undergarments for the dress and wedding night  

It’s easy to get into the routine of grabbing the first pair of clean underwear you see, but your wedding day is kind of a big deal and deserves a sexy-number. Not necessarily for your partner who will enjoy it, but to make you feel more confident and good about yourself. Everyone feels amazing when they wear a little bit of lace.

You also need to think about the type of bra you need to buy that won’t show from under the dress. Bra straps are not okay and peeking-cups are also a no-no. Stick-on bras are generally the go-to. But, then again, braless is the easiest.

Maybe you need spanks to help with the fitting of the dress or you definitely need something special for the night ahead. Don’t forget to pack something for the wedding night. And even though, by the end of the celebrations, you’ll both be completely exhausted, at least you went through the effort of buying something. You’ll find another occasion to slip it on at some point.

Oh, and don’t forget about the garter.


A holder for the rings

You may be happy to present the rings in the box they came in, but here are a few other examples you can consider. A more traditional presentation of the rings for the ceremony is on a small pillow carried by the ring bearer. It’s a beautiful way to display the rings for everyone to see. There’s also the option to embroider a pillow with you and your partner’s details. But, if you prefer the idea of an easily transportable ring box, there’s a way you can make that special as well.

You can have the ring box personalised with your surnames and the date of your wedding. You can also choose to have a custom box made out of natural wood and have it engraved so as not to be too traditional with the box set.  


Something old, new, borrowed and blue  

And then, the last few accessories you need to remember are your something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. You only get married once, so do what you need to do to make the wedding as perfect as possible.


accessories - wedding day