Top honeymoon destinations and what they offer

Top honeymoon destinationsTop honeymoon destinations
Top honeymoon destinationsTop honeymoon destinations

Top honeymoon destinations and what they offer

Deciding where to go for your honeymoon can be a challenging task and reading all the “top 100 honeymoon destinations for the year” articles hardly help. If anything, they make you wish you could have, either, more than one honeymoon or a year-long honeymoon. But we read them anyway in the hope that the pictures will speak to us and convince us of where we want to be.

This article, however, is going to list a few of the top honeymoon destinations, as well as describe exactly what they offer a newlywed couple. Photographs are one thing, but they aren’t always representative of the entire country you’re going to be visiting. And that’s where (we hope) this article is going to help with your decision. Get ready to take out your new luggage set and start packing!


South Africa

South Africa is the all-in-one honeymoon (and even holiday) destination. There are beaches, seaside getaways, mountains, wine valleys, quiet towns, nature reserves, game parks, river lodges, farmlands and cityscapes up for grabs.

Cape Town and Johannesburg have the bustling and contemporary cities, while Mpumalanga and Limpopo have Big Five game reserves. The east and west coast beaches and beach towns are incredibly popular, each with their own biodiversities (between the Atlantic and Indian oceans).

The Western Cape is, probably, the province with the most on offer. A few hours drive around the Western Cape can take you from Clifton beaches to Franschhoek wine farms or Big Bay to the ostrich and Cango Cave town of Oudtshoorn (a bit more than a few hours). You can drive to the quiet town in the valley of Ceres or spend a weekend at the popular whale-sighting town of Hermanus. And that’s all in one province!

For a newlywed couple looking for romance and adventure, South Africa is definitely a great first option.  



A popular honeymoon destination for a couple of years now is Thailand, thanks to its general affordability and convenient package options. But, more than that, Thailand really does have a lot to offer honeymooning couples and no one should make it seem like a “settling” or “average” honeymoon destination option.

  • Phuket: For boat tours around limestone cliffs you can go to Phang Nga Bay and see the ever-famous “James Bond Islands”. Another island to visit from Phuket is the Phi Phi Islands. They are a combination of jungles, cliffs and white sand beaches with crystal blue waters. For couples who want a time-stopping experience, Phuket is where you need to visit.
  • Krabi: This province has 130 secluded islands where newlyweds can have all the privacy and intimacy they want, while enjoying peaceful waters and beaches. Boat tours and candle-lit dinners on the beaches await you.
  • Hua Hin: Here you can experience Thai culture at the night markets, Mrigadayavan Palace and the KaengKrachan National Park. So, when you’ve had enough of the secluded Krabi islands, you can enjoy the country’s people in Hua Hin.
  • Bangkok: And for everything else Thailand has to offer, visit its capital city, Bangkok. If you and your partner enjoy the city life with shopping, lights and non-stop entertainment, you’ll want to spend a few days in the city.



If you’re looking for an island getaway that’s maybe, not so tropical, but still gorgeous, romantic and interesting, then you should consider the island of Malta. Here you are able to enjoy beautiful beaches, rustic Italian-styled buildings, fortified cities and a world that’s rich in history.

For ocean-lovers and avid scuba-divers, this island has vibrant and mysterious marine life with their famous deep-water wrecks. And for those interested in culture and history, Malta, being the most bombed locations during World War Two, has beautiful fortified cities that are preserved and still active living areas. Mdina, Birgu and Valletta are a few of those cities.

Find yourself in awe of the grand and exquisite cathedrals across the small country that will make you wish you had got married in one of those churches instead of the one at home. Malta is an easy going country for an easy going newlywed couple who is more than happy to relax and explore such a unique island.



For a honeymoon that is more cuddling up for warmth than sticking to everything from sweat, put Ireland on the top of your considerations list. If the movie P.S I love you hasn’t set your heart for the humble and romantic country, then watch the movie again.  

Ireland has real open-country areas and quaint little towns, especially along the west coast in Galway. From here you can even hop on a ferry to the Aran islands or see the majestic cliffs of Moher. County Meath is another town in the countryside with loads of history and ancient tombs. The County Kerry offers the hills, castles, sheep and ocean views that are generally associated with “Ireland country”.

Then there is, obviously, the city of Dublin where you can find a bit of everything. Nightlife, modern culture, as well as historic landmarks. Just off from Dublin you will find Wicklow Mountains, so when the city becomes a little too much, this is where you go to getaway and hideaway with your spouse. And while the weather may be slightly “gloomier” than most honeymoon destinations, it sets a cosy and romantic mood for any newlywed couple.

Top honeymoon destinations