Items to have on your wedding registry

wedding registrywedding registry
wedding registrywedding registry

Items to have on your wedding registry

Putting together your wedding registry is either seen as exciting or unnecessary. For those who see it as an unnecessary exercise, let’s revise why you should have one for your wedding.

First of all, it makes it so much easier for your guests to find a gift you’ll actually want or need. Secondly, it saves you from having to decide which of the three toasters you’re going to keep and which you’re going to feel bad about selling. Thirdly, the only reason you shouldn’t have a wedding registry is if you’re either asking for cash-only gifts, or no gifts at all.

Right, now that that’s out of the way, how do you go about putting your registry together?


Home inventory

Start off by taking notes on your current home inventory. Between you and your spouse-to-be, you’ll both have a few standard items to start your married life adventure. But there will also be extra items (or basic items) you’re missing or really want. It’s your wedding, you’re allowed to ask for the extra luxuries.

So, basically, when it’s time to put your registry together, make sure you accommodate for what you already have and don’t forget to add anything you really want. It’s pretty simple.


Think of your guests

Another aspect to consider when putting your registry together is who all of your guests are. Not everyone is going to be able to afford the large and more expensive items, so it’s good to have a wide price range of what you’re looking for. Which, to be honest, isn’t hard to do when you can easily picture every little patterned ramekin dish in your home.

Another thing to consider, for your guests’ sake, is where you have a registry. Having one for both a physical and online store, for example, will make it easier for them to get you what you want. This way, a guest can give you what they want (from a wider variety of options) and you can relax knowing it’s something you’ve pre-selected.

Now for the actual items themselves.


Kitchen items

The kitchen could always do with more gadgets, utensils, cutlery and crockery. Some of the top kitchen items to add to your registry (keeping in mind what you and your partner already have) include:

  • Coffee machine: Anything from the Nestlé coffee machines range will make your mornings together more bearable and is definitely something you’ll use almost every day.
  • Dinner set: If you don’t already have a full set of matching plates, side plates, bowls and mugs, then it’s time to add a dinner set to your registry. Everyone should have at least one plain white dinner set and if you already have one of those, consider a more colourful or patterned one to use on special occasions.  
  • Blender: If you and your significant other are serious about smoothies or milkshakes, then you’re going to want a blender. It’s a great gift for someone to buy for you and should, therefore, be on the registry.
  • Waffle maker: This is one of those unique gifts to buy for a newlywed couple. The chances of them using it incredibly often may not be high, but it’s still a wonderful gadget to have in the house for those days you’re craving waffles. And it’s a gift that can last for many years.

Other great registry ideas for the kitchen include a slow cooker, glasses, salt and pepper shakers, a range of cookware, cutting boards, a cheese grater and a knife set.


Living room items

When it comes to the living room, you can add items such as:

  • Wall key holder: Definitely something you will use every day and, consequently, be reminded of your wedding day on a daily basis.
  • Scatter cushions and throws: Something to throw over and dress your couches to add some colour and character to the room.
  • Decorative items: These can include figurines, mirrors, trinket trays, picture frames, candles and wall art. Anything that will make your home look beautiful. Don’t overcrowd your registry with decorative items though. Yes, they are beautiful, but there are other items (of equal price) that you need slightly more than, say, candles.
  • Serving trays: Having beautiful serving trays in your home will make entertaining special. You’ll want to invite people over just to have a reason to take out the new coffee mugs, sugar pot and serving tray for your guests.


Bedroom and bathroom items

Your bedroom and bathroom items are more luxury than necessity items… regardless, who are you to say no to Egyptian cotton sheets?

  • Bedroom: It would be nice to have a new bedding set to enjoy as a newlywed couple. And if you really need new pillows or duvets, then you could add those to the registry as well. Otherwise, your bedroom is alright.
  • Bathroom: For the bathroom, it’s a room you and your guests will use, which means it deserves a few beautiful additions. Some things you can add to your registry for your bathroom include towels, bath mats, soap dispensers, a scale and maybe some robes for you and your love to relax in after a nice warm shower.


Travel items

Sometimes your wedding gift focus isn’t on “house and home” alone and couples opt for a travel item registry. Luggage, luggage tags, neck pillows, passport wallets and other travel goodies are great additions for honeymoon-focussed couples. Because, let’s be honest, if you’re saving up for a honeymoon, you’re not going to worry about the little extras.

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