Gifts for the bride-to-be



Gifts for the bride-to-be

Your bride has likely dreamed about her wedding day for her entire life. You could help her make this day even more meaningful by giving her something special. A gift could give her the opportunity to open something romantic, naughty, meaningful or fun. You could opt to give her the gift on the evening before or morning of the wedding, after the celebration or during your honeymoon.

Whatever you decide to do, it’s the thought that counts when choosing the gift. It’s important that you understand what kind of gift your bride will appreciate. What kind of woman is your wife-to-be? Is she the type of woman who would appreciate something sentimental or flashy, something materialistic or an experience? Here are some tips on choosing a little something that she’ll be sure to love.



Every bride will appreciate a piece of stunning jewellery. She may need a piece to complement her wedding outfit on your special day. Or she might appreciate a piece to wear as part of her daily outfits. Sure, it won’t be as fancy as wedding day jewellery but it’ll be even more meaningful as she’ll be able to reach for it daily. And every time she slips on that stunning ring or necklace, she’ll remember your wedding day with a smile.



Many brides choose to wear a second pair of shoes during the reception. There comes a time during every woman’s day when she can’t handle wearing her heels for one more moment. Yes, she loves her sparkly heels and was so excited to wear them with her wedding dress. But at some point during the wedding day, she’ll likely really appreciate a pair of pretty, comfortable sandals or sneakers. And she’ll love knowing her comfortable shoes were a gift from her new husband.


Something for your home

It’s very likely that your bride loves the home you share. She loves coming here daily. She loves knowing that she shares the space with you. And she’ll love seeing that luxurious new bedding on the bed you share or the new set of cutlery which you’ll use every evening as you share your meals. There’s something very special about buying a piece which will be part of your story for years to come.


A little something naughty for the honeymoon

There’s no doubt that your honeymoon is going to be something you’ll both remember for the rest of your lives. And it’s an excellent opportunity for you both to have a little fun between the sheets and try some fun and adventurous things. It’s a great idea for you to give her some new, exciting sex toys for you both to try out during your honeymoon. And you’ll be able to continue having fun with your toys once you get home, keeping your relationship interesting for years to come.


Something meaningful

A meaningful gift is always a good idea for every sentimental bride. You could find something that’ll remind her of your first date, a special trip you took together or the day you became engaged like artwork or accessories that were in these places. Of course, if you have a tight budget for the wedding, printing a photograph the two of you or writing out a handwritten passage from a favourite book or poem could be incredibly special.


Or, if you’re completely stumped for ideas, you could simply suggest that the two of you write letters to each other to be opened on the morning of the wedding. You could share special moments from your relationship or describe your dreams for the future you’ll share. That’ll set the mood for the day and create a special moment for you both as you’re getting ready for your big day.