A guide to your modern day wedding

modern day weddingmodern day wedding
modern day weddingmodern day wedding


A guide to your modern day wedding

Over the years, some traditions remain while others are left behind, never to be seen again. Slightly dramatic… probably not true, but don’t you enjoy it when things rhyme too?

Okay, enough of that. You, have a wedding to think about. Your modern day wedding is more of a “software update” than a complete takeover of traditional versions. A few additions here and there and social media seems to be everywhere. At the end of the day, it’s still about creating a memorable and special experience to celebrate the marriage to come. And to open one of your gifted bedding sets because honestly, can anyone really wait to redecorate their home as a newly-wed couple?

Here are a few things to implement into your wedding for a modernised feel.


Hashtags and apps

Make the most of social media in your wedding and have a hashtag. Put up a board with your unique hashtag and encourage your guests to use it in their posts and social media profiles. You can even introduce your hashtag in the wedding invites already and start building up more excitement around the big day. Why have a hashtag? Well, it’s a great way to keep tabs on all the photos taken at your wedding, not just the professional ones, and it’s a modern way of personalising your wedding day.

If you aren’t too keen on social media, there are various photo sharing apps such as AppilyWed, WedSnap and Capsule that guests can download, sign up and share the photos they took. You can never have enough photographs of your wedding day, the photographer might miss the flower girl stealing icing off the wedding cake while you and your spouse are busy dancing. These moments are priceless and having a wedding full of paparazzi will document it from every angle.


Digital invites

Some people still enjoy the tradition of sending paper invites, but with the world going as green as it is, some couples are embracing the digital wedding invite. Not only will you be conserving mother nature’s precious resources but you will be saving money as well. There are many free websites that offer the digital invite service, but even if you do end up paying for it, you will be spending less than you would if you went the traditional route.

Digital invites mean that changes can be made, the guest list can be visible to all invited and guests can respond immediately. There’s no delay in the digital post office once a RSVP has been selected.  


Guest experience

It’s important, in your modern day wedding, to personalise and create a memorable guest experience. As much as it’s your day, just keep in mind that your guests love you almost as much as you love your spouse, hence them being there and looking all smart for your photos.

When considering ideas for your guest book, it’s time to start thinking outside the box. Have a polaroid camera at the ready for guests to have a photo taken on which they can sign at the bottom and write a message at the back. Enjoy puzzles? Have a custom puzzle made or buy a plain solid colour puzzle and have your guests sign a piece. Getting married near the end of the year and dreading the stark Christmas tree that awaits your first seasonal holiday? Buy plain, sort of large, ornaments and have your guests sign a message on them. It will make your first Christmas as a married couple definitely one to remember and your guests will feel privileged to be part of the experience that you will no doubt be posting about on Christmas day.

Family and friends are always willing to give advice, so why not have interactive advice cards at each table where they can give the married couple ideas on what to name their first child, how to keep the love alive, how to win an argument or even let them share their favorite memory of you as a couple.


Signs with quirky quotes

Another modern day material to bring into your wedding are signs with quirky quotes. Chalkboards work best and can be reused, but adding signs to your wedding set the tone for what’s to come. Here are a few examples of what your signs could say and where in your wedding they can be used.

To break open the dance floor you could have a “Trust me you can dance – vodka” sign. When guests want to find their seats for the ceremony, “Choose a seat, not a side. We’re all family once the knot is tied”. To guide guests towards the ceremony or reception venue, “For a happily ever after, walk this way”. And encourage guests to grab a blanket for chilly evenings with a “To have and to hold” sign by the blanket basket.

modern day wedding